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Weatherinfobox Navtex WIB2BX

Weatherinfobox Navtex WIB2BX

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WIB2BX - NAVTEX and Barograph for PC (USB)
with external an


These Wetherinfobox units from Moerer (Wetterinfobox) in Germany are specifically designed to interface with PCs.

• Digital receiver for 490 kHz and 518 kHz
• Simultaneous receipt on both frequencies
• Connection for external active-antenna or isolated backstay (Balun)
• Precision air pressure sensor with 0.1 hPa resolution
• Graph of the air pressure process
(max. 7 days)
• Only 100 x 66 x 33 mm
• Supply via 12/24 V electrical on-board system
• Power input only 20 mA, without antenna

wib2bxm Navtex antenna

The WIB2BX is connected via the USB port with your PC. The indication of the received messages occurs with comfortable Windows software.

The device receives the NAVTEX messages of the coastal radio stations at the same time on 518 kHz (in English) and 490 kHz (national language).

NAVTEX messages includes:
- Nautical warnings
- Distress at sea
- Weather reports
- Gale warnings





With the help of the internal precision-air-pressure-sensor the air pressure will be stored during a period of max. seven days.
The air pressure process can be indicated on the PC in form of a gradient.


The WIB2B is suitable for:

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Windows Vista





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