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Weatherinfobox Navtex WIB2

Weatherinfobox Navtex WIB2

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WIB2  - NAVTEX for PC and Notebook
WIB2B - NAVTEX and Barograph for PC and Notebook

These Weatherinfobox units from Moerer (Wetterinfobox) in Germany are specifically designed to interface with PCs.

• Digital receiver for 490kHz and 518kHz
• Simultaneous reception on both frequencies
• Internal ferrite rod antenna, no antenna installation necessary
• The equipment is used like a USB-stick (only WIB2) 
• Dimensions only 90x57x23 mm
• Internal batteries for approx. 3 days cont. operation without PC
• The batteries will be charged via PC 
• Non volatile data memory for 762000 characters
• Automatical message administration
• A charger for 12/24V or 230V is optionally available

NAVTEX from the costal radio stations

A connection between WIB2 and PC is made via USB. The WIB2 will be recognized as USB memory device.
The NAVTEX messages are stored on this data medium in HTML code.
The data can be shown an th PC monitor via a webbrowser.
No software installation is necessary.


Barograph (only WIB2B)



Using the internal precision-air-pressure-sensor the air pressure will be stored for a maximum period of seven days.
The air pressure process can be displayed graphically on the PC

To display the atmospheric pressure a Windows software is included in the scope of supply of the WIB2B. The program runs on Windows 2000/XP and Vista.


The WIB2 is suitable for:

•Windows ME
•Windows 2000
•Windows XP
•Windows Vista
•Mac OS

The WIB2B is suitable for:

•Windows 2000
•Windows XP
•Windows Vista


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