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Sonnenschein GF-V deep cycle gel batteries

Sonnenschein GF-V deep cycle gel batteries

Price: £391.00 Free Delivery


Usually supplied direct from the manufacturer's store

We are usually able to arrange delivery of Sonnenschein Dryfit batteries direct from the manufacturer's stock.  These batteries are supplied with full warranty - subject to being charged correctly etc.

The GF-V range is a heavy duty battery range designed for traction applications and is an update of the obselete SL range.

Using gas recombination gel technology developed and refined over many years Sonnenschein Dryfit batteries are ideal for continuous float charge and deep cycling applications. They are used marine and general recreational applications such as caravanning. Their robust design gives them a substantially longer deep cycle life than conventional engine starting batteries. Used with the correct charging equipment these batteries can have a considerable life. In the case of our own yacht with occasional deep cycling the batteries were still performing satisfactorily after nine years of almost continuous charge.

At a discharge of 75% these batteries are normally good for around 700 cycles. 

For marina based yachts with shore power and a good charger these batteries can have a life of around ten years.  Where there is frequent cycling with alternator cahrging email us for an offer of a package including a battery managment unit to protect the batteries in your application.

Current Type


C5 capaciity  L x W x H (mm) Weight Kg  Quant Price inc UK del. and VAT 
 GF 12 160V  SL200


518 x 274 x 242







 GF 12 110V  SL135


513 x 223 x 219





 GF 12 105V  SL120


345 x 172 x 283





 GF 12 094Y  A512C 110A


286 x 269 x 230





 GF 12 072Y  SL80 and A512C 80A


330 x 171 x 236






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