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AIS Receiver for chartplotters EASY AIS 2 £219.50

AIS    Receiver for chartplotters EASY AIS 2 £219.50

Price: £259.50 Free Delivery

EASYAIS £259.50

This receiver is ideal for use with chart plotters such as the Raymarine C and E series as it has a multiplexer function that can simplify installation with some systems and reduce cost.  It monitors both channels (A and B) by alternating between the frequencies. 

It has the usual NMEA output at 38,800 baud and will display AIS data on Raymarine (and other) C and E chart plotters once the baud rate on the plotter has been set to the same rate. 

Ths unit has an NMEA input originally intended for GPS data at 4,800 baud - this data is multiplexed for output with the AIS data at 38,400 baud.  This input can be used instead for other Raymarine equipment using NMEA such as the commonly used Smart Heading Sensor - an element required for MARPA with Raymarine radar.

An additional feature of EASY AIS is that the output can be set to 4,800 baud giving the option to input data to other chartplotters and software that do not require 38,400 baud.

Couple this unit with a Comar ASR100 splitter for a simple low cost AIS receiver setup.

RRP of the EASY AIS receiver is £290.94 our price £259.50

RRP of the ASR100 splitter is £82.80 our price £78.25

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