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Technology Afloat

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  10 inch touchscreen display, SeaWhisper 1500 mini PC, wireless keyboard and mouse installed on Dehler 37




Navicom RT-550 Fixed VHF DSC radio £154.50

See our new Windows Navigation Tablet

A fully upgradeable fanless PC for only £329.00

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Technology Afloat

We have sailed yachts for many years and have significant experience in the technology that makes yachting safer and more enjoyable. The items that we offer have been selected on the basis that they are of high quality and are keenly priced. We have tested and installed much of the kit that we offer and can provide expert help and support where required.

The AIS CSB200 transponder from Comar Systems UK is one of the best on the market; we are offering it at a very competitive price.

PCs will be increasingly used on-board because of the increased flexibility they offer. We have selected and tested the units that we sell to ensure that they are suitable for on-board navigation planning with products such as PC Plotter and can also be used for email and internet access. These units are of the highest quality, competitively priced.


Mini PCs

Why carry your laptop to and from your boat when you can simply walk aboard and have your programmes available at the touch of a button when you install a mini PC. Benefits include:

 • Small footprint   
 • Low power usage  
 • 7-25V input  
 • 6 USB connectors  
 • 5.1 sound chip  
 • Remote on/off  
 • Fit and forget!  

Solid state drives now available

Using the latest technology and with processing power and consumption optimised to suit your application our PCs are designed for use on yachts and motor boats. Compact in size they can be installed in a small locker space and together with our mini wireless keyboard and mouse will maximise free space on your chart table. You can connect to the internet, view your emails and have your favourite navigation programmes easily to hand.

Our PCs are assembled in UK from high quality components and are guaranteed for twelve months.



Add an antenna/modem to connect to the internet using wireless or cell phone. Where a wireless connection is available we have obtained excellent results using one of our most popular products, the Repeatit hotspot booster.

If you plan to sail farther afield, we can help you configure packages for world wide cruising.




Our range of displays are selected to optimise performance and power requirements. They have a touch screen capability and can be panel or swivel arm mounted.



AIS receivers and transceivers

We offer the Comar CSB200 AIS transponder - one of the best on the market - together with a range of AIS receivers from Comar and NASA.

The development of low cost AIS equipment has enabled yachtsmen to use this technology to enhance their safety at sea – essential in busy shipping and at night. The introduction of low cost transceivers gives the opportunity for yachts to broadcast their own details and heading information to local shipping, enabling communication between ships and yachts using DSC.

This significant enhancement in visibility to shipping should contribute substantially to the safety of yachtsmen at sea.



Understanding the weather and forecast trends is an essential element of any passage plan and with up to five days forecast the PC Plotter programme will provide you these essential planning tools